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Artist Statement


When I work in a series, my artwork takes on an expression of its own.  I deconstruct and reconstruct ideas until they seem to have a life of their own. This occurrence or development of ideas by chance, innovations or serendipity is brought about using different design theories and the use different tools and media.

Within these paintings, I have used many different types of tools; brushes, stamps (commercial and homemade), templates, scrapers, printing rollers and blotting with other papers.  Choices of media include different types of paper, the use of inks, watercolor, and acrylic paints, oily pastels, china markers and pencils, pens, house paint.

Choice of subject and materials are an integral part of my creativity.  While concentrating and pushing my idea further than I can, and then just a little more as the idea morphs into a finished piece.  I am interested in viewing the environment, outer or inner, in form, shape and line; a juxtaposition of shape and form to one another; the shadows play on the forms with the ever-changing light to make shape, line, and negative spaces.  Now, I am intrigued with the movement of the light.

There is a suggestion of the shifting of dark and light shadows as the light transverses over the ever-changing environment. The most interesting part of serendipity is the framing and presentation of the works in a formal situation.  This presentation of the art allows the artist and the viewing public to see the finished piece in a whole new realm. Out of context for the artist, because I only viewed it from the creative venue, while the viewer has never seen it before and only sees the finished piece.

Sue Crosby Doyle

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