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Artist Statement

Kathy Thaden’s mosaics range from abstracts to commissioned work. Inspired by nature and the desert Southwest, she strives to understand our role within society, expressing care for all humanity and creation, seeking to engage the viewer in the visual narrative.

“It is important to me in our 'throw-away' consumer culture to reinvent discarded items or scrap glass - finding beauty in the brokenness - and letting nothing be wasted. My art is informed by my faith, as well as a call to reconciliation with one another.”

A full-time studio artist working in Western Colorado, she is a professional member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists, Stained Glass Association of America, Christians in the Visual Arts, Episcopal Church & Visual Arts, and founding member and Past-President of the Colorado Mosaic Artists.  Kathy teaches mosaic workshops in-person and online and leads mosaic retreats.

Kathy Thaden

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