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Mentor/Mentee Outreach


Dates:  April, May & June 2024
Location:  OZ Gallery, Thornton, Colorado

Call for Mentors & Curators!


Call for 12 WCACO Member Mentors to work with one to two young artists each; so far we have 2 volunteers Annette & Shell, we need 10 more.

Two WCACO program curators are also needed to manage the pairings and the exhibition:

Mentors will work with assigned high school girls for 6 months.

At the completion of the mentoring period, a 3-Month show-mentee exhibition will take place in Thornton. 


These mentorships start in the fall of 2023 with a (minimum of 6) hours commitment by WCACO mentors.  Young women will be paired with an WCACO artist who shares her interest and or direction. There will also be a show at OZ gallery in the Thornton Arts Cultural center showcasing these young mentee artists' work as well as a piece by their WCACO mentor.  Show is April, May, June 2024


WCACO members will commit to at least 6 hours after the pairing of young women in the fall to the end of the exhibition in June. These mentoring sessions could include visits to museums, First Fridays, sessions working in member studios, lectures, how to frame work etc. The focus is on the mentee with their needs top of mind. Thanks to Haley Knowles for creating our show logo.


Please send your commitment of mentorship (1 o 2 mentees) and or curatorship to: by Wednesday September 13th


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