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Mentor/Mentee Outreach

Mentors include WCACO members:

Annette Coleman

Shell Ray

BJ Yost

Jean B. Smith

Deb Deal-Blackwell


Exhibition Dates:  April, May & June 2024
Location:  OZ Gallery, Thornton, Colorado

Colorado High School Women Offered Opportunities to Expand their Art Skills through New Programing from the Women’s Caucus for Art


The Women’s Caucus for Art Colorado Chapter (WCACO) is pleased to announce that it has launched its first art-mentoring program for high school-age young women called “Full Circle.” The initial workshops have been determined, and will be scheduled to meet the needs of the participants. 


At the conclusion of the mentoring period, a three-month Show-Mentee exhibition will be presented at the OZ gallery in Thornton. Participants participating in the workshops will also be invited to come to the WCACO general meetings and field trips.


The first informational meeting for students interested in Full Circle will be held on Zoom, Thursday, January 11th, from 6pm - 7pm.  High school girls (and female-identifying students) are encouraged to reserve their spot on the call by sending an email to


Students will then receive the login to the meeting and any further instructions.


“We developed and will continue to grow Full Circle as part of our mission to elevate women artists in Colorado,” said Annette Coleman, curator of the Full Circle program. “What we are offering is an opportunity to be introduced to new art skills from some of our most noted members. And, at the conclusion of the program we will be offering our participants what may well be their first chance at exhibiting their work. It will be fun, informative, and a great addition to their blossoming resumes.”  


The Colorado Chapter, which operates as its own 501(c)(3) organization, is the largest of the 15 nationwide chapters that comprise the Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA). Founded in 1972 in connection with the College Art Association (CAA), WCA is a national member organization unique in its multidisciplinary, multicultural membership of artists, art historians, students, educators, and museum professionals. The mission of the Women’s Caucus for Art is to create community through art, education, and social activism. WCA is committed to recognizing the contribution of women in the arts; providing women with leadership opportunities and professional development; expanding networking and exhibition opportunities for women; supporting local, national and global art activism; and advocating for equity in the arts for all.


A sampling of the workshops that will be offered includes the following:


WCACO23-24-A:  Clay hand building

Open to 6 mentees

Date & Time TBD

I like design: color, shapes, texture, the way things go together. I use clay to create designs. I invite mentees to join me in my studio to create some shapes integrating design, color and texture. This 3-4 hour workshop will focus on clay techniques, creating your own template for one or more shapes, how to make shapes stay together and how to exhibit them either on the wall, on a stick, from the ceiling, or on a pedestal. Join me in my studio where art happens. 

Mentor: Jean B. Smith, 


WCACO23-24-B:  Saturday Art Crawl in the Santa Fe Arts District

Open to all mentees

Saturday, Dec. 2nd, 10am-1pm,
Meet at D’art Gallery, 9th & Santa Fe Denver, CO
1600 Pierce Street, Lakewood, CO 80214 (Recreate offers used art supplies for reasonable prices, bring some money to spend)

Mentor: Annette Coleman,

WCACO23-24-C:  How to be a Public Artist

Open to all mentees

Saturday, Dec. 2nd and Jan 13th, 10am-11am,
Zoom Link:

Mentor: Annette Coleman,



6 slots for mentees

Location:  in Golden, near the intersection of West Colfax and Highway 6.

2.5 hours up to 3 hours

Date TBD

Handmade paper is an ancient art that provides so many opportunities for expression!  Join Deb Deal-Blackwell, APR, for a hands-on workshop and learn modern techniques for making your own paper using modern methods with recycled and found materials. Workshop will include making your own pages, glazing, 3-D molding, and using Victorian-style pressed flowers, and how to dry your own flowers and foliage. Will include a brief introduction to Ikebana, Bonsai, and indoor plant propagation so you have flowers and herbs for your papermaking during Colorado’s cold winters. Time: 2.5 hours up to 3 hours. 

Mentor: Deb Deal-Blackwell, APR



6 slots for mentees

Location:  in Golden, near the intersection of West Colfax and Highway 6.

Time & Date TBD

Did you know one of the best places in the country to see gorgeous quilts and learn about them, is right here in Golden, Colorado? Join Deb Deal-Blackwell for a trip to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. This will be followed by a quilting discussion, refreshments and an introduction to the different kinds of appliqué for your quilts. Class size: up to six.  

Mentor: Deb Deal-Blackwell, APR

WCACO23-24-F:  Book Art Workshop

2 slots for mentees

When: Dec. 9 & 10,  2-4 p.m. Where: TBA

for two young potential artist book makers to answer the questions What the heck is an artist's Book?  Why Do Artists create them?  How are they like regular books? How are they different from regular books?. What do they look like? Can I make one? What can I use my book for? 

The opportunity

Artist Bookology: dissection and assembly

Two young artists will learn about some kinds of artist books. and see examples from BJ Yost’s personal collection and on the websites of other book artists, then:


  • choose to make a blank book for personal use such as: a gift for a special person, or for sketching, writing poetry, or keeping a diary

  • choose to make a wild flag book as an art piece to exhibit or just to keep around to generate a smile

                      Mentor: BJ Yost


WCACO23-24-G:  Observe Steamroller Printmaking

Open to all mentees

Saturday, April date TBD, 10am-4pm, RMCAD,
1600 Pierce Street, Lakewood, CO 80214, WCACO members & mentees to meet at RMCAD


Mentees would be able to observe the team inking of very large scale mdf blocks which would be printed, using a steam roller as the printing press.                     

WCACO23-24-H  Building a Portfolio submission for College / Art school

Open to all mentees

Time, Location & Date TBD

Mentor: Shell Ray,

Shell will talk about how to prepare a portfolio to submit for college or art school and give examples and instruction.  The mentees will need to research the schools they are applying to to understand the materials, information and deadlines for submissions.  Shell will guide each mentee on organizing and reviewing their portfolios     

Please submit the Colleges / Art schools you plan to apply to.  

Send to Prior to workshop.


General questions: &


Workshop offerings and the zoom meetings to support these opportunities will be determined with input from the artist mentees to best suit their schedules with the mentor:

Call for Mentors & Curators!

Two WCACO program curators are also needed to manage the pairings and the exhibition.  To volunteer, contact Annette Coleman.

At the completion of the mentoring period, a 3-Month show-mentee exhibition will take place in Thornton. 


These mentorships start in the fall of 2023 with a (minimum of 6) hours commitment by WCACO mentors.  Young women will be paired with an WCACO artist who shares her interest and or direction. There will also be a show at OZ gallery in the Thornton Arts Cultural center showcasing these young mentee artists' work as well as a piece by their WCACO mentor.  Show is April, May, June 2024


These mentoring sessions could include visits to museums, First Fridays, sessions working in member studios, lectures, how to frame work etc. The focus is on the mentee with their needs top of mind. Thanks to Haley Knowles for creating our show logo.


Please send your commitment of mentorship (1 o 2 mentees) and or curatorship to:


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