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Upcoming Exhibitions for 2024

& Open Calls for Entry

Mountains, Plains, and Canyons

Dates:  June 21 - July 28, 2024

Location:  Corazón de Trinidad Creative District, Trinidad, Colorado

Get Loud!  National Domestic Violence Awareness

Exhibition Date: October - December 2024

Location:  Various locations around the Denver Metro area

Past Exhibitions


Rise Above!

Dates: June 20-22, 2024

Location:  Hotel Cleo, Denver

 "Elevating Your Leadership: Rise Above!"  The goal is to help women become better leaders in all aspects of their roles by cutting through the chaos and rising above it. 

"Full Circle" Mentor/Mentee Art Outreach

Dates:  April, May, and June 2024

Location: Oz Gallery, Thornton, Colorado

Body of Knowledge 2 - WCACO 2024 Members' Show
Exhibition Dates:  April 19 - May 5, 2024
Location:  Next Gallery (in their North Gallery),  6501 W Colfax, Lakewood, CO 80214
PressingMatters - WCACO Mo'Print Exhibition
Exhibition Dates:  March 2024
Location:  Mint & Serif Coffee House, on West Colfax, Lakewood, Colorado
Show Image wo text.jpg

Reflections of Culture - a CHAC & WCACO Collaboration.

Exhibition Dates: March 2 - May 18, 2024

Location: Armory Performing Arts Center, 300 Strong Street, Brighton, CO 80601


Our cultures and backgrounds are as unique to each individual as grains of sand, each informed by our ancestors, communities, and geography. As women and artists we take in our backgrounds and surroundings, contemplate what it means to us, and produce works of art that are reflections of our life experiences. 
Through this exhibition, artists will learn about each other. Both artists and visitors will discover the beauty and richness of diverse cultures.
Atmosphere multi slides (2).jpg
Exhibition Dates:  Sept. 28 - Oct. 22, 2023
Location: D’Art Gallery East, 900 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204

The theme Atmosphere encompasses all aspects of the word, spanning from the physical world and cosmos, to the intangible realm of emotions, attitudes, and surrounding influences. We encourage artists to submit work that explores and showcases their interpretation of the theme in its various forms. The sky’s the limit!

WCACO Salida mural.jpeg
Confluence: Women Artist of the Arkansas River Valley 
A juried exhibition for women living in South-Central Colorado

Exhibition Dates: July 4 - July 31, 2023
Location: Steamplant Event Center, 220 W. Sackett Ave., Salida Colorado
Juror: Nitza Knoll
Curators: Carol Garnand 

Four of our Celebrating Colorado Women Artists portable murals will be shown as part of this exhibit. (Left: Betty Woodman mural )
Confluence: Women Artist of the Arkansas River Valley 
A juried exhibition for women living in South-Central Colorado

Living TRADITION:  Individual and Collective voices of Women's Caucus for Art Colorado, Taza Gallery, Brighton, CO

Exhibition Dates:  March 8 - April 25, 2023

Show Description:

Living TRADITION features the "Speak Her Name" mural series honoring influential Colorado-based artists Elizabeth Spalding, Eppie Archuleta, Betty Woodman, Senga Nengudi, and Jean Smith. These women shaped Colorado's rich artistic landscape and continue to inspire the next generation of artists. Each mural was collaboratively painted by current members of the Women's Caucus for Art Colorado Chapter.


Living TRADITION also includes individual artwork created by the artists who painted the mural series. By placing these works next to the mural series, we celebrate strong, individual artistic voices coming together in harmony. 

Location:  4430 S. Adams County Parkway, Brighton, CO 80601

The exhibit will be on the first floor of the county building, and inside the Taza Cafe, in the main entrance lobby.
Curators:  Anne Emmons and Lisa Michot

OurView: WCACO 2023 Members' Show

A non-juried exhibition.

Exhibition Dates: March 24 - April 23, 2023 

Location: 931 Gallery, 931 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204 

Curators:  Annette Coleman, Suzann Gordon and Kathy Knaus.

Common Ground Postcard FINAL_Page_1.jpg
Uncommon Ground Logo F.jpg
Finding Common Ground in an Uncommon World

A juried, open call to all female and female-identifying artists living in Colorado.

The Collective Community Center, 201 N. Public Rd., Lafayette, CO 80026

November 9, 2022 - January 9, 2023


Juror: Jess Xiao Long

Curators: Leslie Lefferdink Gardner and Melody Epperson

Associated Events:

-Artist Opening Reception: Friday, November 18, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

-Panel Discussion: Artful Journey to Common Ground

     November 26, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.

     WCACO will host a panel discussion giving attendees an opportunity to learn how the artists create “connection” in a disconnected world. The event will be facilitated by Donna Roe Daniell, LCSW, mindfulness coach, and retreat leader for women in transformation.

Small Works, Big Ideas

40 West Gallery, Lakewood, CO

September 2 - 24, 2022

Small Works, Big Ideas featured the art of 40 of WCACO's members and included 4 events: an Opening Reception, Chocolate Day, Artists' Reception, and Artists' Talks on the final day of the exhibition.


Inked and Numbered:

Mo'Print 2022 Exhibition

Mint & Serif, Lakewood, CO

March 4-27, 2022

WCACO Curators: Jenn Merz & Annette Coleman

Coinciding with Denver's biannual Month of Printmaking called Mo'Print, the exhibition featured monoprints created by 13 WCACO printmakers: Lyndy Bush, Sue Crosby Doyle, Barb DeMarlie, Melody Epperson, Carol (SILKS) Garnad, Susann Gordon, Theresa Haberkorn, Ashton Lacy Jones, Haley Knowles, Leslie Lefferdink, Jenn Merz CQ, Jean Smith, and Barbara Yost.


Show Card Draft 3 Front_Square.jpg

Chasing the Light:

Visions of Colorado’s Natural and Urban Spaces

Tenn Street Coffee and Books, Denver, CO

February 1-27, 2022

An exhibition of artwork originating from the WCACO 2021 Plein Air outings, created in Plein Air, or derived from Plein-Air experiences. 



Over, Under, Further, Forever

Members Show 2022

Core New Art Space, Lakewood, CO

January 28-February 13, 2022

Since the 1800s—and particularly since the 1960s—womxn’s movements have deeply changed U.S. culture and laws, affecting nearly all aspects of our lives. While there is still much work to be done, this exhibition celebrates womxn’s accomplishments and the ways that their fight for equal rights, power, and respect has improved our world. This includes accomplishments in our own lives and personal sphere. Just as womxn’s work and accomplishments have seeped into almost every aspect of culture, this show features work that pervades the gallery space: hanging overhead, under the viewer’s nose, pushing the idea of art further, and ambitious work that looks to a bright future where womxn’s work continues on forever, making the world a better place for all.


The Work of Women WPostcard Image.png

The Work of Women

The Gallery @ The Bus Stop, Boulder, CO

November 4-27, 2021


Women are the backbone of the world. In this exhibit, the Women's Caucus for Art Colorado Chapter is showcasing the work of women members and interpretations of the world from a feminine perspective. 


See You. See Me. Diversity of Mind. 

Gallery East, D'art Gallery, Denver, CO 

May 6-30, 2021


We are honored to have guest artist and juror Adri Norris as part of this show of our time. Our chapter members are being challenged to put forth their most exceptional work with the opportunity to stretch themselves from ways they have worked previously. This all women show will address one of today’s most relevant topics. It will allow each to express their unique voice and to hear the voices of others from a new state of mind. Our goal is to create a space to gain greater awareness of those whose ideals, experiences and backgrounds may differ from our own. Where there is Diversity of Mind there can be no walls. 


Beyond the Surface

Core New Art Space, Lakewood, CO

January 22-February 7, 2021

Beyond the Surface is a celebration of the visual language of art. Whether it be an inherent quality of the artist’s medium or is a result of the artist’s process, this exhibition hopes to incite the viewer to look for the deeper and more profound sense of what each piece is offering. These artworks are full of decisions — whether approached by the artist instinctively or deliberately. Because there is always a suggestion of mystery in a work of art, this exhibition endeavors to act as a guidepost for the viewer to delve into what is beneath and beyond.


Old Myths, New Stories

Curtis Arts & Humanities Center, Greenwood Village, CO

Nov. 2020, National Women's Caucus for Art Show

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment guaranteeing women (womxn, womyn, wimmin) the right to vote. This gives us pause to consider where we’ve come, where we are, and where we’re going as women and artists. Much has been achieved with the recent emphasis on women artists of the past and the spotlight on contemporary women artists.

This show will feature women in the arts expressing ideas about the experience of women through time and today. What is the unique voice of women; the feminine, and the sacred feminine in art? Show us your visual voice and vision of the power of women’s past, present, and future in society and in the arts. It is open to interpretation through all styles and media except video and performance.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 2.41.07 PM.png

Order your copy of
Artists In Captivity

Artist in Captivity


WCA Colorado Chapter


The coronavirus pandemic brought Colorado artists to a time of pause as most of the world became still. Spending weeks at home the WCACO chose the theme “artists in captivity” to capture our creative expression and narrative during this unusual time.

WCA-CO Members Small Works Exhibit.jpg

Members Small Works Show
40 West Art Gallery
September 4-26, 2020

Heading up Project and Curating: Barb Pullin & Carrie MaKenna

Artists in the show:  Anne Emmons  |  Anne Mohler  |  Annette Coleman  |  Barb DeMarlie  |  Barb Pullin | Barb Stainman  |  Barbara Hinnenkamp  |  Barbara Sweeney  |  Carol Bivins  |  Carrie MaKenna | Dawn Hendrix  |  Gabrielle Shannon  |  Jean Smith  |  Jennifer Ghormley  |  Johanna Morrell | Joyce Gold  |  Kari Bell  |  Kathee Kiehn  |  Kim Roberts  |  Laura Paul  |  Leslie Aguillard | Leslie Gardner  |  Lisa Michot  |  Lori Dresner  |  Melody Epperson  |  PJ Bergin  |  Patty Fabian | Pattie Byron  |  Paul Peacock  |  Rona Lesser  |  Sara Behling  |  Shelley Hull  |  Stephanie Kuhne | Sue Crosby Doyle  |  Susan Hershman  |  Suzanne Frazier  |  Sylvie Abecassis | Theresa  Haberkorn

30 Years Anniversary Show.jpg

WCACO Members & 30 Year Anniversary Show

January 24, 2020

Please join Women Caucus for Art - Colorado Chapter for the annual members show and this year is a 30 year anniversary for being involved with the WCA National Organization with 21 chapters throughout the United States dedicated to creating community through art, education and social activism.

Passages postcard..jpg

PASSAGE : National Show

November 15, 2019

Niza Knoll Gallery

National show featuring 50 artists from 22 states. Sponsored by the Women’s Caucus for Art, Colorado.

Artwork relating to the concept of Passage, moving through something on the way from one place to another. Interpretations may be literal, as in a portal, or journey. Or metaphorical, as in emotional change, rites of passage, personal growth and transition. Passage also relates to a passage in a piece of music, a passage in a book, or a passage in time.

Hall of Fame.jpg

AZ Foundation & Colorado Women's Hall of Fame

May 2019

WCA Colorado Chapter member Carrie MaKenna has established the AZ Foundation to raise funds to encourage, support and promote arts, education and preservation projects throughout Colorado.

They will begin by hiring artists to create public art to be placed within the state, starting with honoring inductees from Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame. For more information or to make a donation, visit the AZ foundation online or contact Carrie MaKenna directly at

The Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that recognizes women who have a significant connection to Colorado and their contributions to the state, the U.S. and the world. As of this date, 160 women have been inducted.

Month of photography.jpg

Month of Photography in Boulder

March 16, 2019

During the Month of Photography, WCA-CO President Barb Pullin organized a tour in Boulder for members. Thanks to Terry Seidel for opening his gallery, Wendi Schneider, Kellye Eisworth and George Lange for their amazing artists' talks! (Photo by Gary Reed)

Stock show.jpg

National Western Stock Show

January 13, 2019

Nine members went to the 113 National Western Stock Show in Denver where we got a special invite to the Coors Western Art Gallery.

Annual Members show 2019.jpg

WCACO Annual Member Show

January 4-20, 2019

Thirty-five members showed in “Resolutions” at Core New Art Space in Denver's Art District on Santa Fe. Included in the member show were two artists, Meadow Bliss and Marifer Jimenez, recipients of the 2018 Darlene Kuhne Scholarship award and were sponsored by WCA-CO member Stephanie Kuhne.


Green-Verde-Vert Show
October 25-November 11,2018

The open call for entry show was juried by Molly Casey of Nine Dot Arts.

Shows from 2018 and before

2015 - Evolution - 25th Anniversary Show at Bemis Library, Littleton, CO

2015 - LandArt Installation at Chautauqua Park, Boulder, CO

2015 - Medium Workshop at Washington Street Community Center, Denver, CO

2014 - Member’s Show at the Bemis Library, Littleton, CO

2014 - LandArt Installation at Chautauqua Park, Boulder CO

2014 - Unleashed National Show at Core Annex, Denver, CO

2014 - Global Art Project art Exchange

2014 - Valentine wall piece workshop at Jean Smith’s Studio, Denver, CO

2013 - Mixed Media National Show in Westword Editor

2013 - Anything Goes, Members Show at Bemis Library, Littleton, CO

2012 - Valentine Box at The Paper Store, Denver, CO

2011 - Members SHow at Bemis Library, Littleton, CO

2011 - Group Show at Garfield Estates Wine Distributor, Denver, CO

2011 - Bras, Bangles & Bunions at Habitat Gallery, Denver, CO

2010 - Container Show at Core Annex, Denver, CO

2010 - Garden Show, Members Show at Gallery 420, Denver, CO

2008 - Small Works Show, Members Show at the Denver Book Mall and Gallery, Denver, CO

2007 - Kitchen Goddess at the Lakewood Cultural Center, Lakewood, CO

2006 - High Heels, Wet Pavement, Member Show at the Steamboat Springs Arts Council, Steamboat Springs, CO

2006 - Contemporary Icons: Symbols & Signs of the Times at the Business of Art Center, Manitou Springs, CO

2006 - Wordplay, Members Group Show at Boulder Public Library, Boulder, CO

2006 - Red Hot @ Redshift Gallery, Members Show at Redshift Gallery, Denver, CO

2005 - What Makes Home at Colorado Mills Mall, Lakewood, CO

2005 - Works on Paper and Print Exchange Portfolio, Open Press, Denver, CO

2005 - Woman’s Work at MOCA, Ft. Collins, featuring Alicia Bailey, Mary Connelly, and Suchil Coffman-Guerra

2005 - Art in Science Show at UMC Art Gallery, Boulder, CO

2004 - The Veil: What Remains Hidden, Members Show at Colorado State University, Curfman Gallery, Ft. Collins, CO

2004 - Childhood Remembered: Movies, Myths, Fables, Stories; Members Show at Broomfield Cultural Center, Broomfield, CO

2004 - In the Works, Juried exhibit of mixed media at Lakewood Civic Center, Lakewood, CO

2003 - Maternal Legends Members Show at the Dairy Center, Boulder, CO

2003 - Temptations: Desire for Forbidden Pleasures Show at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design

2002 - Small Works Members Show at the Denver Denver Press 

2002 - Electra Show at Core: New Art Space, Denver, CO

2002 - Women Close to the Edge, Member Show at Edge Gallery, Denver, CO

2000 - Members Show at Edge Gallery, Denver, CO

1999 - Small Works, Members Show at Edge Gallery, Denver, CO

1998 - Streams of Consciousness, WCA exhibit at Edge Gallery, Denver, CO, with a dance performance by Kim Olsen, then traveled to Lewis Clark Center for Art and History, Lewiston, ID.

1997 - Underpinnings, Members Show at Edge Gallery, Denver, CO 1997 - Rocky Mountain Mix: a Woman's Exhibition, at Edge Gallery, Denver, CO. Traveled to Lewiston and Moscow, ID, Pullman, WA in March 1998

1996 - Members Show, at Edge Gallery, Denver, CO

1996 - In Sharp Focus, in conjunction with the WCA National Convention, Dana Art Gallery, Wellesley, MA, traveled to NM, Western New Mexico University, Silver City, NM

1995 - The Naked Truth, Members Show at Redrocks Community college, Lakewood, CO

1995 - World's Women on Line, curated by Muriel Magenta, online electronic Art networking project, still can be found: 

1994 - Out of the Dollhouse: a small works Members Show at Cor: New Art Space Gallery, Denver, CO; written up by Hart Hill in the Westword article called, “Gender Flex.”

1993 - Censorship, WCA/CO Members at Arapahoe Community College, Littleton, CO: with review by Michael Paglia, Westword

1993 - Silent No More: Women Speak Out Through Art, WCA/CO Members at Emmanuel Gallery, Denver, CO: with special visit my CO Senator, Pat Schroeder

1992 - Invitational Show with WCA National Board Members and WCA/CO Members at Core: New Art Space Gallery, Denver,CO

1991 - Introduction of WCA/CO Members at Core: New Art Space Gallery, Denver,CO

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