We are a collaborative group of local women artists with deep ties and longevity in the arts community in the Denver-metro area. Many of us have been active in the arts in Colorado for thirty years or more.


Our purpose for creating murals is based on our own collective stories of being overlooked, forgotten, and underestimated. It is out of our realization that women in fact are every bit as significant and capable that we join together to elevate other women artists.


Our interest and focus is to create public art and murals that highlight the contributions of local Colorado women and of Colorado women of color, including Senga Nengudi, Elisabeth Spaulding, Betty Woodman, Jean B. Smith, and Eppie Archuleta.


We envision this project as an opportunity to introduce Coloradoans and visitors to a wide variety of women who have created art here in our beautiful state.



Exact location for the installation is to be determined pending approval. The type of location should be outdoors in a publicly accessible space. It would be wonderful to have it located in a space within a main cultural district in order to attract people who are visiting cultural events, restaurants, and businesses in the corridor.


General Mural Info and Pricing:

Mural costs vary based on the following factors:

· Quality of Materials used (latex paint, clear coats, primers/sealers)

· Equipment Needs (i.e. scaffolding, lift, masking materials, sprayers, etc.)

· Complexity of design (i.e. amount of detail, number of colors, style, size, etc.)

· Design Process (i.e. physical drawings, paint sampling, etc.)

  • The design for a mural begins after receiving a design deposit of $150. Changes may be made beyond the initial three sketches, but an additional design cost of $50 per sketch may be requested. This deposit is nonrefundable but will be credited towards the cost of the overall painting after a design is decided upon. Pricing starts at $35 per square foot (sq. ft.) and decreases with increased size of mural—at 290 sq. ft. the price drops to $32/sq. ft., at 500 sq. ft. it drops to $30/sq. ft., and at 900 sq. ft. it price drops to $28/sq. ft.


  • Square feet totals are determined by multiplying the height x width of the painting surface.


  • The cost above includes the cost of materials, design, labor, and equipment for the mural painting but does not include general repair and preparation of the wall (i.e. cleaning, masonry work, priming, etc.), clear coating of the wall to be painted, or specialized equipment or scaffolding needed to complete the job. A materials deposit of half of the total cost of the mural is requested two weeks before painting begins in order to purchase supplies and reserve necessary equipment rentals.


  • Wall Preparation:

    Because the longevity of the mural is dependent on the surface on which it’s painted, it is recommended that exterior walls be power washed one week prior to priming to ensure proper dry-time. Masonry primer/sealer is recommended for brick or concrete walls that have not yet been painted. This service can be included in the painting bid for an additional $1/sq. ft. Optional clear coats and/or graffiti seals may also be included for an additional $2/sq. ft.


  • The cost for your particular project can better be determined after we’ve discussed the size and complexity of your design. We would be happy to meet with you or communicate via email to answer any questions you may have. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to talking with you.

For additional information and to start a mural please, reach out to our head muralist:

Melody Epperson melodyepperson@me.com