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     Artist Statement

Shara captures the simple beauty of the natural world and human experience through impressionist collage.  Her representational and abstract works, made with recycled and sustainably sourced paper, focus on the play of light and shadows, depth and texture. 


Her strong sense of observation for detail are heightened by her love of the outdoors and adventure.  Her activities include yoga, photography, gardening and hiking, primarily in and around Colorado, which inspire many of her compositions. 

The artist “paints” with paper (primarily magazine) and often incorporates magazine ink transfer, and other sustainable fiber paper into her pieces.  Her practiced technique offers a tactile and textured finish that appears painterly in many instances.  She works based on her emotions related to the subject at hand, which may result in a neutral or vibrant palette. 


Shara is an active exhibitor in many competitively juried, top ranked, fine art festivals across the United States with an evolving list of current shows.  Her work can be viewed currently, by appointment, in her home studio and gallery in the Denver Metro Area.


The artist is a member of the Women’s Caucus for Art, Colorado Chapter as well as the Art Students League
of Denver.   She is an instructor with NBC Universal/Bluprint with a multi-segment course on Impressionist Collage. 


Her artwork is included in private art collections throughout the U.S., South Africa and Brazil.  She has also created many privately commissioned works of art.


Born in New York and raised in varied locations on
the East Coast and Midwest, Shara spent much of her childhood engaged in artistic endeavors.  Through
her teen and adult life, she explored much of the world through study abroad and subsequent travel.  She holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MS in Childhood Education from Fordham University.  Shara currently lives in Aurora, Colorado with her Brazilian/American husband and three children.

Shara Oliman

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