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Artist Statement

Plant life found in the Colorado landscape and in my own garden is the source of inspiration in my relief woodcut prints. They begin with a photograph or drawing that is transferred to wood, and then carved by hand with gouges. Semi transparent inks are applied to the wood with brayers, and printed on to paper in a hand operated press to build up layers of color and texture. A complex print can contain over fourteen colors. Once a set of blocks are carved, I often reprint and rework the image to achieve slight variations by changing the colors, changing the order that the colors are printed and often, the wood blocks are re-cut or new ones are added. In my prints, I am interested in the subtle variations of a repeated matrix that can be achieved through printmaking.  Wood blocks from previous editions are sometimes reused and woven in to new compositions. By working with woodcut printmaking in both editions and as a mono-print, I am able to experiment and discover new ways of combining colors and textures that I would not have found in any other manner.  

Theresa Haberkorn

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