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Deborah Deal-Blackwell, APR

Deb Deal considers herself a Mixed Media artist.  She incorporates her handmade paper and unique paper casts whenever possible, but you will find that she often uses her own plant-dyed and stamped fabric, embroidery, and even pottery, watercolor art and decoupage.  When she's not making mixed media art she's at the potter's wheel or sewing machine!

Deb is the Secretary for WCACO 2022 & 2023 and helps with keeping the website up to date.

Deb at "Small Works, Big Ideas" September 2022 with her small, handmade paper works.

Deb Deal____IMG_0624.jpg
Deb, Devon & Monica_____IMG_1478.jpg
I Dream of Horses_DebDealBlackwell.jpg
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