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My art is an expression of what I’m experiencing at the moment I’m painting. The painting itself takes on a life of its own as I work through the composition.

I do the first layer using paints, color, and sometimes gel media to create the initial surface. I begin with
a simple sent of components. The general color scheme and overall texture begin to take shape.
As the painting progresses, I begin to see where it will take me as I work through to the finial resolution. My paintings have several layers. Sometime the layers are opaque, other times more transparent allowing the previous surface to show through. In a sense they reflect my life. Some things that are in the past remain hidden, other come through as shades showing bits and pieces of my journey. In the end I’m the sum total of my life’s experiences. As the painting is the sum total of all the elements that influenced the finial creation.


The Women’s Caucus for the Arts has given me the opportunity to be with women who share my passion for the arts. It’s a great place to discuss art, and get feedback. It also gives me the opportunity to show in different venues.

Kathee Kiehn

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