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Reven Marie Swanson

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Growing up in a rural Colorado setting, as a young girl, Reven built forts in ditches, swung on the backs of wild horses and chased lizards with her sister, Channing. It was a childhood experience that ran closely with the rhythms of the natural world. Her sculptures reminds us of peering through a colorful canopy, a flicking prairie moon or mountainous horizon. Using kinetic motion, the work invites us to watch and observe the invisible wind currents.


Throughout her career that began professionally in 1989, Ms. Swanson has explored many materials and creative series. Materials of stone, metal, glass, fiber and tile represent a vast knowledge and an understanding of their intricacies. The artist invites you to explore her portfolio to view figurative and non-figurative work, much of which relates to modern culture and contemporary form.


Her work resides in numerous public and private collections, both nationally and internationally. Highlighted commissions are throughout the Rocky Mountain region including the National Endowment for the Arts, Trust for Public Lands and Museum of Outdoor Arts. She installs many temporary outdoor installations leased by city municipalities. She works closely with city officials and installation crews to successfully and smoothly install more than a dozen works each year.


For Ms. Swanson installing public art is like “leaving pieces of sunshine where ever she goes”.

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