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Artist Statement

I seek to create work that is authentic. My paintings are the language of collective expression. I believe all people are connected and when we quiet our minds we can tap into a place that unites all living things. As an artist, I ask you to contemplate the subtleties of life and want to leave you with a message of hope. When I make a painting I work for a sense of order and calm that simultaneously brings me inner peace and helps me process emotions. My hope is that through my art people will connect with themselves and others in a meaningful way.
Painting requires mindfulness. The work calls and I listen carefully to know how to respond in kind. Painting puts me in touch with that quiet inner voice that lies beneath the surface of daily activity.
I am a mixed media abstract painter. I am influenced and inspired by American post war abstract painters. I am moved to integrate both expressionist techniques and hard line compositions as I find they complement each other and feel balanced.

Bernadette Youngquist

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