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Artist’s Statement


I am a landscape artist who uses my paintings to convey emotions through the forms and structures of the landscapes. I am not just painting trees, skies and mountains: I use the physical forms and colors of each item to convey feelings. I do not paint a landscape to look like a photograph; this is not my goal.  The yellow aspen leaves convey a feeling not just a color. I use colors real or unexpected to bring out the awesome feelings that nature inspires in people while they are experiencing it.


I am progressing towards abstract painting in my work. I feel compelled to use the physical form of nature to hold the painting together. I start with a watercolor base as an underpainting to my work. Then, I go on to create texture and depth by using a palette knife with acrylics over the watercolors to make an impression.


In my past work, I focused on the traditional aspects of watercolors. I have never wanted to paint in a way that copies a photograph which a camera does so easily. I want to interpret something using technique, gesture and a sense of quickness on the page, going beyond the photograph to draw emotions from the viewer. 


I make forms happen with light, dark and color as opposed to lines. I am constantly looking for the unexpected in my work. I use memory and instinct to create feeling. I really enjoy these aspects of creating and hope the viewer will as well.

Barbara Sweeney

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