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Artist Statement


Leslie Ann Aguillard received an art and teaching degree from Illinois State University in 1968. She ran a commercial studio for over 27 years and in retirement transitioned to studio artist, part-time freelancer, and teacher and mentor to art students.

As both a commercial artist and designer, her work has spanned a variety of media and genres—from marble carving to sketching cartoons, from commercial design to fine art, from crafting fiber art to designing couture art creations.

"Art has shaped society since ancient times and needs to continue to push our evolution forward. I have been an artist all my life, creating statements from the heart, my mood, and the moment. It is one woman's experience. It is how I communicate, it is the heart on my sleeve. As I age as an artist, I explore different media and processes. I like working in series. The 'Coloring Book Series' became an interactive piece at the WCA-CO member show at Core New Art Space in January 2019." 

Since COVID I have been drawing and painting non-objective abstractions and am enjoying trying to write a blog!

Leslie Ann Aguillard

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