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January 2024's Monthly Member Spotlight

Joni Inman

Where are you from:  I was born in southern Wisconsin, the youngest of four children. When I was only three years old, we moved to Rockford, IL where I spent much of my formulative years until moving to Colorado going into the 8th grade.  I’ve been a Colorado girl ever since, so almost a native, but still have that Midwest mindset and work ethic.


Where do you live now? My husband, Greg, and I live in unincorporated Jefferson County, with our white German Shepherd, Maggie, and an entire orchestra of full-size metal sculptures of musicians.  Greg is a very talented metal sculpture artist.


What medium do you work in? Primarily textiles – fabric collage, wet felting, sewing, leathers and then there’s the occasional “painting” using only vintage buttons and water colors.


What do you do for a living? I’m a business and government affairs consultant, specializing in community engagement work around legislative issues, helping small businesses grow and prosper, and helping organizations with strategic planning and implementation.


What WCACO committees are you on? I co-chair the Marketing Committee and serve as VP of Community Engagement.


Why do you like being a member of WCACO? I consider myself more of a “maker” than an artist and the encouragement of WCACO members has been inspiring.  There is no “snobbery” in this organization.  Accomplished female artists are welcoming and supportive of fledgling artists like myself. I love that.

December 2023's Monthly Member Spotlight

Lynne Muth

  • Where are you from? 

    • ​I’m a Midwesterner born in Milwaukee. I also lived over 20 years in Stamford, CT and most recently lived for 8 years in the Detroit area.   It’s kind of hard to pick one place where I’m from. ​​

  • Where do you live now? 

    • I live in the Roxborough area of Littleton, up the street from Waterton Canyon  

  • What is the medium you work in? 

    • I mainly work in acrylic and mixed media to reflect on social issues and concepts.  Recently I’ve been painting with oil and working on figure and portrait subjects.  

  • What do you do for a living?  Full-time artist or do you have a job? 

    •  I'm an emerging artist.  I “re-wired” about 6 years ago and started taking art classes and became involved in community organizing. Technically I’m retired and enjoying this next chapter in my life to develop my art and help make a healthy community.   

  • What WCACO committees you are on? 

    • I recently volunteered to be the Secretary on the Board in 2024. 

  • Why do you like being a member of WCACO? 

    • I like being inspired and motivated by other female artists.  WCACO is an amazing and supportive network with exciting ways to grow your talent.  Being a member has pushed me to keep developing my art and putting it out there. I like to support other’s journey too!  Here is my  


Lynne Muth, Secretary for WCACO Board of Directors 2024

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