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Artist Statement

Found objects provide immediacy of use along with inherent character. This character may be derived from several aspects; whether it’s its design, color, patina or texture formed from constant use or abandonment to elements.

It also contains our cognitive association with its original purpose. Its story can add depth and weight to a piece if I choose to amplify it or conversely, I may alter or deconstruct it in order to recontextualize it to fit my composition or narrative.


The artistic alchemy of transforming seemingly worthless or obsolete elements into something of value and significance, has a noble intention independent from the ethical value of recycling. I highly manipulate the recombination of individual parts so they appear entirely integral to one another rather than serendipitous.  720-329-0127

Studio: 449 W. Aberdeen Ave, Littleton, CO 80120


I teach private lessons and workshops in assemblage

Michelle Lamb

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