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Artist Statement

I draw from my imagination using pencils, markers and sometimes paint on surfaces of all sorts. I have always been a dreamer, the kind of kid who stared into the distance instead of paying attention. Hoping to hear the whispers of what might have been, or listening for what could still be. Sometimes my process of drawing and erasing over and over can be tedious. But in this destroying and remaking I can hear the whispers of characters, and stories just out of sight. Hoping to be heard, and then to be made. 


Some of my creations can live another life from the inside of an embroidery hoop. I linger with my character while listening to the sounds of my needle pulling floss through a fabric. The hypnotic sound of rhythm of it allows me to spend hours, sometimes hundreds of hours on a single piece.

Artist Biography:

An artist of the Americas, Heather Hauptman has been infused with stories and creatures that manifest in her drawings and embroidery since 2016. Currently based in Denver CO USA, returning home after nine years in Argentina. While in Argentina she began her journey as a self taught artist, telling stories that combine use of found objects in her drawings and embroidery. 

 Her past life as a nurse informs her art, as she was a witness to the fragility of life. Her art is the place that vulnerability and enchanted thinking come together. The great prairie of the American west and the vast emptiness of Argentina’s Patagonia whisper to her, calling for her calloused nurses’ hands to bring them forth into the world.

Heather Hauptman

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