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Artist Statement

Since discovering her passion for painting later in life, Nicole has embraced it whole-heartedly. It changed her whole world, both professionally and personally. Her pursuit of this passion set in motion changes beyond what she ever envisioned, including a new start after divorce and leaving behind a successful career as a project manager.

Though she loves to experiment with new techniques, Nicole's primary focus includes wax media, either cold wax mixed with oil paints, or encaustic wax medium layered with various pigments and other materials.

Nicole’s paintings reveal themselves to her through an intuitive process, and are largely inspired by collective memories of place. They frequently resemble abstracted visions of landscapes, and have been described as soothing, calming, impressionistic, sometimes dystopian.

Nicole states “the expressions that come to life through the portal of my mind and heart seem to come from a lifetime of repressed feelings, passions, rebellions. In painting I found something that I didn’t fully realize was clamoring to be set free. My art practice is my freedom and represents me taking back ME. I want to share my story in the hopes that others, especially women, will also be inspired to venture into whatever passion is patiently waiting to be discovered.” 

Nicole's work can be seen at the Artists on Santa Fe Gallery at 747 Santa Fe Drive in Denver, CO or at her own newly opened gallery , NKollectiv, at Aspen Grove Shopping Center in Littleton, CO. 

Nicole Korbe

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