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Marketing / Member Recruitment Committee for WCACO

To Submit ART for aesthetic purposes only on our website and social media pages, please send High-res jpeg images to:

About WCACO's Marketing Committee:

Every member of WCACO can help with Marketing!

Our current marketing team includes:

Bliss Coleman

Judy Doherty

Clara Gilihan

Ania Mola

Joni Inman

Deb Deal-Blackwell

Consulting marketing member:

Annette Coleman

We're looking for members who can:

  • Attend WCACO shows & shoot some video on their phone

  • Attend non-WCACO shows & distribute bookmarks or flyers about WCACO

  • Write short stories and bios highlighting our members that can run in our newsletters, on the website and on our social media platforms. 

Long-term commitments are not required. You can help us with content on a project-by-project basis. Whenever possible, your efforts will be credited with a byline.

For more information or to submit a written piece, story, bio, poetry, or video, contact Marketing chairs during regular business hours.

Joni Inman - ‭(303) 568-0874‬

Deb Deal-Blackwell, APR - (303) 277-9520, ext. 310

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