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Annette Coleman has been associated with the WCA-CO since the forming of the Colorado Chapter over 30 years ago. Working in leadership roles over the years she says that 'learning from other members both during workshops and in showing in countless shows has been some of the highlights".

Artist Statement

I love creating timeless mosaics using tiles or stained glass that are shaped, fired, carved and placed in colored grout. Public installations with mosaics can take shape as murals, sculpture or functional seating areas. I make sure that the materials used last a lifetime with only a wash of water-based sealant yearly to protect the grout from freeze thaw cycles. Think Pompeii abstracted, with the vivid colors of today, durable, timeless and joyful. I also I’m excited about my kinetic hanging sculptural installations that move with the ambient air currents of people moving about the building or the lighting elements that add to the pallet.


I embrace commissioned work, combining different views and engaging communities. In addition to working as a public artist I have a background in working as a commercial exhibit designer, theatrical set designer, advertising pro and scenic artist. I have designed and produced public art on schedule to exacting standards. I work well with community members and understand budgets, blueprints and most importantly listen.


Let’s have fun working together to create the best public artwork for your community.

Annette Coleman

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