WCA-CO Darlene Kuhne Scholarship Recipient 2021


Artist Statement


Many people take comfort in the bathroom towels matching the color of the rugs beneath them. It provides a brief sense of order in a universe where we have little control. Everyone is fleeting in the passage of time, yet many choose to cling to the titles and matching towels of society to drown out this fact.


I have always been fascinated by humanity’s relationship with our impermanence, and as a developing painter I love to explore such topics through my work. I strive to create pieces that invite viewers to question with me the attitudes, fears, and unwritten rules which inform our behavior towards both those around us and the environment itself.


I was born and raised in Colorado, and initially angled towards a career in design. After spending my early adult years studying architecture, I realized that my heart instead lay with art, and chose to pursue it instead. Although I’m experienced with mediums such as watercolor and ink, I especially enjoy using acrylic. Over the past two years, my love of painting turned from a hobby to an obsession as I seek to develop my craft at every turn. My artwork has been accepted into galleries around Denver, Lakewood, and Boulder, with more soon to come. 

I am so blessed to be able to spend much of my time creating and developing my craft. I feel the significance of each design- I am creating a signature that will live on after we are gone. The achievability of art is the antithesis to our impermanence, and I am grateful to be a part of that perpetuation.  

Haley Knowles

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