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Shelley Hull

Artist Statement

I paint contemporary southwest landscapes. This allows me to combine my great love of the
the southwest and the outdoors. It provides me an outlet for my love of, and need to, draw
and paint and my passion for hiking the southwestern landscape.


I tend to sketch outside, take notes & photos as I hike around experiencing the landscapes.
While informed by being outdoors, these are studio paintings. I start with observations and
inspirations from being in the landscape. As the paintings take shape they often their own
needs and I am open to that. I take them where they tell me they need to go.


While making these paintings I engage in a dialog with the landscape and at the same time I
dialog with other artists, current and historic, whose visions excite, challenge, goad, and inspire me whether it is David Hockney, Loraine Stephanson, Fairfield Porter, Richard

Diebenkorn or Lois Dodd. My paintings are contemporary landscape paintings of the American West that reflect the terroir, the sound, light and energy that is uniquely

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