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Artist Statement

I am a feminist artist. I have gradually discovered this over the past few years. I say I am a feminist, not because I march in protest of wrongs done, but because my art is about telling the feminine story. Whether it is dresses, eggs and nests, shadows or my current work about woman’s suffrage, it always tells the story of woman.  My media changes to best fit the area of investigation, but the underlying feminine quality and perspectives in my artwork do not change.

In the past I have created dance and performance art, fashion shows, made music and sound art, explored video, cantastoria, crankies and of course used a variety of more traditional visual art media. Recently I have been drawn to the fluid, unpredictable qualities of encaustic painting and cold wax. The process feeds my curiosity and encourages my creative associations.

30 years of being a teacher has engrained in me the value of learning and teaching. I value the process of gaining knowledge and understanding as well as sharing knowledge. That is why one of my motivations for creating art is teaching others and sharing what I have discovered.

Melody Epperson

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