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My inspiration comes from collage with textures, patterns, and various shades of colors. Collage always has the element of surprise of contained chaos. My work has different tensions within my handmade paper, whether it be high shrinkage, twisted, rolled tightly, different dimensions, with rust and/or with pigments. I like to experiment in my art making, to distress my paper with fire or salt to change and challenge texture. The combination of these in my work I hope gives pleasure for the viewer to look further. 

My work reflects my love of paper in unusual possibilities. Paper fascinates me, whether it be pulling/spraying flat sheets, creating off the wall paper pieces, setting paper into confined spaces or even printing on paper. 

I try to push the boundaries of the traditional with the objective to create something new.


I love the process of making paper and how paper will sometimes take a life of its own.  I let the process of making my art dictate my work.  With that intent, I experience personal insight with chance, serendipity, and synchronicity with the materials I use. This becomes my creative journey to create the finished work. 


I am a maker, I am a process artist, I am an artist with aspiration to continue my creative journey with new discoveries and curiosities that lead me to more original and exceptional outcomes.

Joyce Gold

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