Colorado Chapter

Letter from the WCACO President
Melody Epperson

January 2022

Board Members 

Melody Epperson – President

Jean Smith – Treasurer and Membership Coordinator

Madrigal Stansell – Secretary

Lyndy Bush – Member at Large

Annette Coleman – Member at Large

Jenn Merz CQ – Member at Large

Shara Oliman – Member at Large

Pattie Byron – Director on the

National Board

Dear WCACO Members,


I hope this letter finds you well and energized entering a new year. We have had a strange and unusual 2021, with the strain of the pandemic disrupting our lives. I am, as I am sure you all are, ready for a more normal rhythm in life. Given the unusual situation this past year, I feel proud of WCACO’s accomplishments. Here are some of the highlights of 2021.


2021 Year In Review:


• We have had 3 exhibitions:

        See You See Me, Beyond the Surface, and The Work of Women

• We had 9 Zoom meetings

• We had 3 in-person meetings

• And we had two printmaking workshops!


We have also…


  • created a new Professional Development Program

  • rewritten our Mission Statement

  • conducted a survey to better understand our members

  • started Tech Tip Thursdays to help educate our members on technology

  • increased our social media presence

  • read 7 Books together

  • painted 2 murals

  • created an online calendar for members to access information

  • created a sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project

  • collected necessities for those in need at the January show


We have made new friends and stayed in touch with old ones too. Overall, I would say we are doing pretty well.


Looking Ahead to 2022


In this upcoming year we have some exciting plans.


• We have already scheduled more shows than ever before to provide additional WCACO exhibition opportunities, as requested by our members. Here are the shows, dates, and locations for you to mark your calendars and prepare. 


**Please note, these are subject to change. The best way to stay informed is to join the WCACO monthly meetings and check into the Member’s Portal periodically.   


Upcoming WCACO Shows:

Members Show 2022

Over, Under, Further, Forever
Core New Art Space

January 28th-February 13th, 2022

WCACO Curators: Jean Smith & Genevieve Waller

Chasing the Light: Visions of Colorado’s Natural and Urban Spaces:

Member's Plein Air Exhibition 2022
Tennyson Street Coffee and Books

February 2022

WCACO Curators: Lyndy Bush & Genevieve Waller

Inked and Numbered: MO'Print 2022
Mint & Serif

March 2022

WCACO Curators: Jenn Merz & Annette Coleman

Small Works 
40 West Galleries

September 2022

WCACO Curators: Susann Gordon & Barb Pullin

Finding Common Ground in an Uncommon World

The Collective
Nov. 8th-Jan. 11th, 2022-23

WCACO Curators: Leslie Gardner, Lisa Michot & Melody Epperson


• We will be sponsoring our first Wonderful Women in the Arts Award and painting a mural for Colorado Women’s Day on March 11.

• We are starting a new Professional Development Pod which will focus on setting goals and helping one another reach these goals.


2022 National Conference


For those of you who are not aware, the 50th Anniversary National Conference has been changed to an online format due to safety concerns related to large gatherings. This means that we won’t get to go to Chicago. The silver lining for us all is that the seminars and educational components of the conference will be made available FOR FREE to all members. I will send you information on how to participate as soon as I know.


2022 Upcoming Meetings


Please make note of upcoming WCACO meetings. These will be held in a Zoom format until further notice. (Note: these dates may be subject to change, so please check for updates on our webpage.) I have some ideas of how to share information with the group at large, while also allowing for personal communication between members to help solidify our community this year in breakout groups. 


January: Tuesday January 11 at 6pm

February: no meeting

March: Sun, March 13 at 10am

April: Wed, April 13 at 6pm

May: Sun, May 15 at 10am

June: Wed, June 8 at 6pm

July: Sun, July 17 at 10am

August: Wed, August 10 at 6pm

September: Sun, September 18 at 10am

October: Wed, October 12 at 6pm

November: Sun, November 13 at 10am

December: Wed, December 14 at 6pm


The current board members will be reaching out to you to say hello and receive your feedback on the organization and how to help you get involved, learn, and grow within the WCACO. We are always looking for volunteers to join committees and help enhance our chapter. 



Have a safe and prosperous year and see you soon,


Melody Epperson

WCACO President