Artist Statement:


My work focuses on the importance of mark making and how this establishes relationships and bridges between our understanding of the environment and self. I am interested in capturing the temperament of my surroundings and reflecting my ever-changing environment. Flickering between two-dimensional and three-dimensional experiences my work addresses the conceptual spirit of water. I continually observe and am fascinated by its constantly changing form while it trickles, seeps, and flows. I discover patterns when it freezes. I am spellbound when it floats in the air. Water is capable of great power and destruction. It is beautiful as it filters, reflects, refracts, and interacts with light. It represents a precise process, an exchange of energy that has its own natural timing and organization.


Water is a precious resource that we need to protect. Environmental awareness and protecting our natural resources are crucial if we are to survive. As a culture we are too busy to notice the delicacy of this complete system of life. Through my work as an artist, I see the opportunities to highlight these subtle spaces that filter and support our natural environment. It is crucial that we attend to the beauty, tranquility, and serenity in order to return to the center of balance. When we take care of our planet we impact ourselves positively.


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