Artist Statement

I like to refer to myself as a mercenary artists, having been a full time graphic designer for over 40 years. I received a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois, but not before pursuing a degree in medical illustration for two years. That pursuit exposed me to numerous fine art disciplines and my love of drawing. I have a hard time calling myself an artist because of my own strict definition: supporting oneself  through their art, and have some big concepts behind my art. I just like to draw and have never sold any of my work.


I joined WCACO in hopes of inspiring me to spend more time making art away from my energy draining corporate career.

Right now I am just dabbling in whatever strikes me. Ten years ago I stumbled upon some life drawing sessions, having not done any drawing since college. Then I bought a box of pastels, moved to Colorado, and filled up my all alone in a new state time with painting.


Still exploring, still finding my voice, and still trying to find some time to make art.

Patty Fabian

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Acrylic on Canvas