Artist Statement

Natalie Raffield has enjoyed moving around the world with her husband and three children for the last 30 years. Natalie opened her own gallery in South Africa and donated works to wildlife preservation organizations. In northern Canada, this artist opened a coop gallery and led classes in dancing, drawing, and painting. She has also organized group shows and events. Natalie installed a town banner project with over 50 artists that was supported by the local museum. During her lessons, she was able to help miners that had been injured during work. 

In Ghana, Natalie introduced art to the local community with teaching painting and photography. Here she produced a documentary highlighting the struggles and commitment of the rangers to elephant survival in Mole National Park. She helped other artists to hold shows and events to aid several charities held in Accra, Ghana.


Natalie is committed to Castle Rock Artist cooperative by way of the membership committee. She believes that artists working together will inspire the community to create and appreciate art. 

Natalie Raffield

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