Members Small Works Exhibit

Keep in mind that the gallery takes 15% of the sales.


DeInstall:      Sunday, September 27th,  1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

We ask that everyone wear a mask and practice the 6 feet distance while socializing. We will only be letting in 4 to 5 people at a time so we ask that you pick your artwork up and not stay more then 10 minutes.

Each artist takes their own work down.

We do NOT patch the walls – 40W does that.


Artists in show:

Anne Emmons  |  Anne Mohler  |  Annette Coleman  |  Barb DeMarlie  |  Barb Pullin

Barb Stainman  |  Barbara Hinnenkamp  |  Barbara Sweeney  |  Carol Bivins  |  Carrie MaKenna

Dawn Hendrix  |  Gabrielle Shannon  |  Jean Smith  |  Jennifer Ghormley  |  Johanna Morrell

Joyce Gold  |  Kari Bell  |  Kathee Kiehn  |  Kim Roberts  |  Laura Paul  |  Leslie Aguillard

Leslie Gardner  |  Lisa Michot  |  Lori Dresner  |  Melody Epperson  |  PJ Bergin  |  Patty Fabian

Pattie Byron  |  Paul Peacock  |  Rona Lesser  |  Sara Behling  |  Shelley Hull  |  Stephanie Kuhne

Sue Crosby Doyle  |  Susan Hershman  |  Suzanne Frazier  |  Sylvie Abecassis

Theresa  Haberkorn