In response to the current pandemic crisis WCACO members decided to participate in a collaborative project that is a reflection of our work while we are sequestered. Headed up by Julie Clement, this project is for WCA Colorado Chapter Members only.


  1. Create specific work inspired in this fertile and isolating time with square proportions at least 7” x 7”. You can work larger but it must be kept in square proportions. Remember artwork will be reduced to fit the 7” x7” format. 

  2. Submit a PDF image and 100 words or less narrative about the process of this work, journaling, poetry etc., to:


Julie Clement at

Deadline : May 15, 2020 by noon.

We will publish a book in 7” x 7” format, so take that into consideration when photographing, It will be similar to our 30th Anniversary book, which is now in production. We will use this as an ebook on our website, social media and submit to WCA Nationals.