Artist Statement


After my last concussion, and a long battle with chronic Lyme disease, I needed a lot of brain rest. While meditating one day I found myself floating—traveling the planet—as my body struggled to heal.
I had a compelling need to paint what I saw: brilliant colors exploding in space. Before my brain injury my palette was dark & neutral… After, an exciting new world opened up to me. I rediscovered my love for color and painting which helped me heal as I was creating.

“Much of my work now is an exploration of the states and stages of the dynamic energy that surrounds and fills us. Our Universes—constantly shifting & transforming—are too small to see and too vast to comprehend. I am compelled to capture these patterns of change which are the only constant we have. 

I'm inspired by rivers & oceans… exploring 
the ground below, and the evening sky above.

"My artistic process is an organic layering of pigments, fluids & shapes interacting dynamically.
I watch & tend the canvas as my creations develop. The process takes days… sometimes weeks. It’s all very intuitive and I never know exactly what will happen.

“I paint In a liminal state. It’s a glimpse into that fleeting space of disorientation of order or ambiguity that is occurring in the very small threshold between where of I’ve been, and where I’m going. It’s all about really being in the present moment.”

Gabrielle Shannon

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