Not far from home is where I find inspiration.  I am a Kansas native and have lived in Colorado since 1995.  Photography, printmaking and painting are the techniques I use in my art.  I will mix these processes together or keep them separate in order to create a piece of art.  I love being close to nature and in the environment.  You can often find me traipsing through the plains of Kansas or high up in the Colorado Mountains for inspiration.  My current work includes solar prints from photographs.  I have been experimenting with the concept of abstraction in landscapes for some time using a solar printmaking technique.  I look through the lens with printmaking in mind.  


Printmaking, for me, is a heartfelt love of ink, color and imagination.  Initially I am excited when I start a new piece, then, I combat my excitement and an idea forms.  The end result may not be exactly as I anticipated and therein lies the depth of printmaking, trying to keep it personal yet approachable by the viewer.  My goal is to inspire those who view my work to look more closely at the beauty around them in a different manner than the obvious.


During my education at Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas, I received the Hallmark Corporation Grant, Outstanding Student Art Award and Outstanding Senior Art Award.  I have studied and printed under the direction of Michal Vigil, Taos, New Mexico and currently with Mark Luning, Open Press Studio, Sterling, Colorado.  My work has been accepted into many juried expositions in Colorado, New Mexico and North Carolina. 

Dawna Quillin

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