Artist Statement

I'm a Denver-based figurative oil painter who combines contemporary realism and graphic design to create mixed media works that tell a story.


After my many years of working as a graphic designer, I know the power of visual art to communicate a message. In my paintings I accomplish this through layering and mixing media. I often incorporate acrylic transfers, where printed material is depicted or text us used. The figures in my work are always painted in oil, my medium of choice. In each work I focus strongly on the portrait, as I love the way that light plays across the surface of skin, revealing the emotions hidden within. I’ll confess, I’m a realist painter mostly because I can’t help myself; I find the details too luscious to ignore.  


The story that I tell in my most recent series, “Future Feminine” is about young women not bound by the biases, doubts and stereotypes which until now have undermined the confidence of women, weighing down our ability to truly soar. By depicting girls engaging their passions with innate determination, the works give these girls “a room of their own”. They are featured, front and center, valued for their natural interests and the unique way that they explore and express them.

I’m dedicated to helping this next generation of women avoid the pitfalls of their own and society's imposed sense of doubt. By engaging this work, and by using whatever medium I have at my disposal I am finding my own way through the same.

Denise Dambrackas

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